måndag 17 november 2014

LINN EXAKT EVENT this Wednesday 19th, 7pm presented with Barry Pimm (LINN PRODUCTS)

LINN Exakt is simply the best system LINN has ever produced.

Enjoy an evening in our newly renovated boutique with a presentation from Barry Pimm, LINN Products Limited.

We will take you through a demonstration how a LINN can make everything you listen to at home sound better. Whether it be music streaming (Spotify/Wimp) or film streaming (Youtube, Netflix, SVTPlay ...) from the internet or locally stored amazing HD files (24 bit 192 studio master files). 

You will be blown away by the simplicity of LINN's new software where everything is done from the comfort of the sofa and a tablet but what you will be most inspired by is the performance ... simply breathtaking!

onsdag 12 november 2014

Emily Barker *LIVE* 6th December with Her Band Vena Partae (Linnegatan 5)

Email for reservations: martin@peoplesandschmidt.com


Warm welcome to an amazing night with some amazing artists including BAFTA Winning Emily Barker. Linnegatan has had a makeover and now encompasses three recording studio rooms, one with vocal booth and adjacent control room.

The main rooms look the same and of course feature LINN Exakt but now accompanied with Cinema Screen for an amazing film experience. The small room is now converted for music gifts sales including fantastic quality Vinyl.

Peoples & Schmidt are very proud to introduce Gothenburgs latest HiFi from ... well us! The new DS player supports Airplay, UpNp up to 24/192, Bluetooth and an amazing DSP with 4 stereo digital out to properly activate your speakers with the help of up to 4 AVA Maestro Digital amplifiers. Think LINN Exakt! Highs/lowpass filters onboard for up to 4 way speakers plus room correction.

Come and listen ,,, now playing in the gold room!

måndag 10 november 2014

Pink Floyd's new album out today!

Here is a revealing article and review from The Guardian. I think it's time for that Pink Floyd LINN LOUNGE.


tisdag 4 november 2014

LINN Lounge Saturday's from 2 PM! **note time change**

We will start LINN Lounge every Saturday now from 9th November, from 2 pm, presented through LINN EXAKT SYSTEM.

Warm welcome. Please email us latest the Friday before each event of your attendance so we can confirm there is space for you and any amendments. If you leave a mobile number, we can sms you with up to date information and also upcoming events.

Many thanks // Martin & Rosie.

lördag 18 oktober 2014

Latest Ugrade Offers from LINN

Linn News: Exakt Upgrade Offers for Linn DS and Linn DSM Owners

Posted: 16 Oct 2014 07:54 AM PDT
For a limited time, Linn is offering even more options for Linn owners to upgrade to the ground-breaking performance of Exakt. If you already own a Klimax DS or DSM, or an Akurate DS or DSM, then this is the offer for you.

Akurate DSM front and back.jpg
With Exakt technology now available in a choice of three integrated speakers and two versions of Exaktbox configurable for separates systems, there are more ways to add Exakt to your system than ever before.

And now we are pleased to announce that the following offers are available when you buy an Exakt speaker, Exakt speaker upgrade, or Exaktbox:

Upgrade your DSM by adding Exakt Link Connections*

Owners of Klimax DSM or Akurate DSM can upgrade their products to the latest specification, which includes the Exakt Link connections needed to connect an Exakt speaker or Exaktbox.

Convert your DS into the latest DSM with Exakt Link Connections*

Owners of Klimax DS or Akurate DS** can convert their DS player into a current specification DSM, which not only includes the Exakt Link connections needed to connect an Exakt speaker or Exaktbox, but also integrates all the inputs you need for your other audio sources.

To qualify for either offer, all you need to do is purchase one of the following Exakt products:
Klimax Exakt 350 upgrade modules
Exakt Akubarik upgrade modules

In addition, you can opt to re-use your original DS or DSM electronics in a Renew DS or a Renew DSM, providing a great way to fill a second room with fantastic sound.
What's more, all upgraded products and Renew DS/DSM benefit from a full 5-year Linn warranty.

Please note that products have to be returned to the Linn factory for upgrade. Contact your Linn retailer for more information and pricing.

**Conversion of an original Akurate DS player (2007-2010) to Akurate DSM includes a complete change of chassis to the current Akurate specification.

torsdag 16 oktober 2014

Welcome to Rosie from the band Gogobot, whom will now be running Linnegatan with an exciting new project!

More details to follow but expect even more music based events, more live recordings and you can even buy classic vinyl. 

LINN will of course continue to be on demonstration in the existing rooms but the three back rooms, many have never seen, are housing a vocal booth and some great recording spaces! 

I'll be focussing my time half a kilometer away in our amazing new showroom in Amerikahuset, Barlastgatan which is already home to a two floor LINN multi-zone-super-installation. Events will rotate between Linnegatan and Amerikahuset so I hope you all have an appetite for a musical Autumn/Winter in Gothenburg.

Happy Days!