fredag 12 september 2014

KLIMAX DS OWNERS ... LAST DAY for LINN's special upgrade offer to their new reference LINN KLIMAX EXAKT DSM

**We have a possible renew Klimax DS for sale from a customer. Must be ordered today**

If you own a LINN Klimax DS, you have just toady to take advantage of the limited LINN upgrade offer to transform your KDS into the latest specification LINN KLIMAX DSM with EXAKT links.

The upgrade gives you digital inputs (HDMi, spdif, toslink) and analogue so your product is not only LINN's new reference source product but also has integrated pre-amplification. As well as this, LINN EXAKT technology is integrated, making it compatible with the new range of EXAKT products which include filter boxes or aktiv speakers.

''LINN KLIMAX EXAKT is LINN's new reference''

You have the option to upgrade to LINN Exakt DSM only or to LINN Exakt DSM with a ''RENEW DS''. The KLIMAX RENEW DS is your DS electronics, with a new power supply placed in a simple chassis.

LINN probably have the worlds best multi-room system so you now have an amazing source product for another room.

Prices are as follows: 64000 Sek for upgrade only or 85000 Sek for upgrade plus a ''Renew DS''.

For customers with Klimax Kontrol, please note the Klimax DSM replaces this so you perhaps can help finance your upgrade by selling the Kontrol and there will surely be a market for the Klimax Renew DS should you chose that option. Alternatively keep both the Renew and your Klimax Kontrol and use them together for a worlds class second room.

This is a limited offer, ending 19th September 2014. 

Please call Martin 0760071281 for further information and financing options.

torsdag 4 september 2014

Our own digital stream player (UpNp with Airplay & Bluetooth) with DSP (4 spdif out) in one tiny, machined from solid aluminum chassis.

The electronics and the software are finished and it's sounding great.

Our very own digital streamer with outputs for up to 4 stereo digital amplifiers. Program these for room correction &/or why not fully activate your speakers (works with up to 4 way speakers).

Here are some pics of where we used a 3D printer to check the 3D drawing is OK before the real chassis gets milled from a single nougat of aluminium. It's made to work with Maestro amps so  is tiny, just 176mm by 116mm by 42mm.

Works with any UpNp control software (great with both plugplayer and Kinsky), Airplay device or Bluetooth (we haven't tested bluetooth extensively). Stream your entire music collection from MP3 to high resolution 24 Bit. Multi room is not programmed yet but will be implemented (when we have had the time).

The first one is hopefully being delivered to a customer at the end of next week. Fun!

What I want for Christmas ... the new WALKMAN (24bit 192 Htz)


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