torsdag 30 juli 2015

*LIVE* Hus Peoples & Schmidt Fridag 1 August från kl 19!

**DON'T MISS** LIVE this Friday from the shop, Linnegatan 5. This amazing new talent from UK. She is simply fantastic; a soon to superstar artist in our own lovely intimate space! Starts 7pm! 100 kr at the door or sms: 0760071281 to book a space.

fredag 3 juli 2015

Used Equipment List Updated

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**KLIPP** Majik DSi used (15,000 Sek)

fredag 12 juni 2015

As well as 10% off LINN DSM when you trade in an analogue preamp, we also have an offer with FREE extra channels of power amplification when you buy a LINN Majik or Akurate Power Amp


Posted: 12 Jun 2015 02:45 AM PDT
+2MT_news_pic_square.jpgBack by popular demand, Linn's +2 promotion gives you 
2 extra channels free* when you buy a Majik or Akurate power amp from now until 14th August 2015.

This means you can buy a Majik 6100 for the price of a Majik 4100, an Akurate 4200 for the price of an Akurate 2200, and so on.

Adding extra channels of amplification is a great way of upgrading your system's performance, whether you're simply bi-amping or going for the ultimate upgrade with Exakt.

Why Add More Channels?


Adding more channels to a passive speaker set-up is a great upgrade in itself, as well as bringing you a step closer to the nirvana of an Exakt system.

Bi-amping uses 2 channels per speaker and increases efficiency while reducing distortion, giving you a more musical performance. The more channels, the better the performance.

When you have enough amps to supply one channel per drive unit in your speakers, you can then drive them actively using Linn Aktiv cards, or for the ultimate upgrade, a Linn Exaktbox.


Most Linn speakers can be driven in Aktiv configuration, using a channel of amplification for each individual drive unit. This uses active crossovers (using Aktiv cards fitted inside the power amps) instead of the speakers' built-in passive crossovers and produces far less distortion than a passive set-up, letting you hear more of the music.

If you're going Aktiv, you can choose to claim your 2 free channels or take advantage of our ongoing free Aktiv card offer. If you need more than one amplifier, why not use both offers?*


Exakt on black.jpg
This is the ultimate upgrade for your system, bringing you closer than ever before to what was actually recorded in the studio.

Exakt takes the Aktiv principle even further by using one channel of amplification per drive unit, this time using a Linn Exaktbox to perform the crossover digitally.

This enables a whole host of performance-enhancing capabilities, including the elimination of phase and magnitude distortion and correction for drive unit variation.

Learn more about Exakt.

tisdag 2 juni 2015


Ring Me for details 0760071281 // Martin

måndag 25 maj 2015


CLICK HERE or the above tab marked 'Used Equipment'

We have demo-ex LINN EXAKT (Latest technology from LINN). Watch the video and learn more about the amazing LINN EXAKT systems ...

onsdag 13 maj 2015

Amazing Event this Friday ... with our Artist Jonathan Carr

This Friday from 6pm food and drinks with concert from 8pm.

We are pleased to invite you to Gothenburgs most spectacular studio for a LIVE recording event with Jonathan Carr. Jonathan, a student of Berkley Music School Boston is recording His first studio album with us.

He has already recorded a song with John Meyer (also features on the song) and has been headhunted for the next UK, The Voice. He is cutting short His Swedish trip to play a gig at Simon Cowell residence so I think you get the picture ... He is excellent!

Here is the venue ... please email if you would like an invite or sms Me 0760071281. We are doing this in collaboration with our partners, Beerbliotek Brewery and our producer Pedro (The Darkness, David Gray, Steriophonics ... ).

tisdag 28 april 2015