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Here’s a new talking point for audiophiles and flannel-wearers at the water cooler: Vinyl sales generate more money for the music industry than YouTube, ad-based Spotify, and VEVO combined, according to a new report by the RIAA. And it’s not just by a little.

While the on-demand, ad-based, music services are generating more money than ever — $163 million in the first half this year as opposed to $128 million last — vinyl sales, at $222 million, have those numbers soundly beat.
The once-antiquated format now accounts for almost a third of physical music sales. With purchases of Vinyl up 52 percent from this time last year, no other format is growing at such a rapid rate. In fact, CD sales are down by almost a third year over year, with fewer and fewer people interested in digital music outside of streaming services or downloaded material.

In a pop-culture world dominated by streaming and pick-and-choose musical singles, it is interesting to see long form records making such a strong comeback, pointing to what some might consider to be a larger cultural shift.
The modern music consumer, when purchasing physical music, seems to prefer the larger images, exclusive content, and often free digital downloads that come with a vinyl buy. More and more bands are printing special singles, colored vinyl, and other cool content for analog fans.
That said, streaming services still bring in the most money for musicians overall, with most of that revenue coming from paid subscribers, rather than ad-based sales models. Music streaming generated over a billion dollars in the first half of 2015, while all sales of physical recordings only generated $748 million.
Still, considering a recent report that most music listeners aren’t likely to subscribe to a paid streaming service in the next six months, this leaves plenty for industry members to mull over.
Many artists have been critical of the lack of money generated through free — and even paid — music services, where it can take hundreds of millions of plays to generate any sort of notable income.
If these numbers hold, more and more of those musicians will continue to work the rebirth of vinyl as part of their solution to that problem.

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Linn Exaktbox Sub Front Top High Res.jpgCarrying on the roll-out of an Exakt solution, the addition of the Exaktbox Sub now enables even more people to upgrade their music system to the ground-breaking performance of Exakt.

The Exaktbox Sub has been specifically designed to work with all subwoofers (regardless of brand), delivering seamless integration with an Exakt System.

It eradicates all the performance and installation issues experienced when adding a subwoofer:

 • Imperfect phase alignment of the main speakers and the sub

 • Dfferences in physical location and corresponding time-of-flight to the listening position which affect timing and produce significant phase distortion

 • Long set-up time involving lots of fine tuning

The Exaktbox Sub is the solution for Exakt subwoofer set-ups 

Linn Exaktbox Sub rear High Res.jpg
The Exaktbox Sub solves the issues by:

 • Providing a dedicated Exakt Engine for the 
subwoofer which ensures perfect phase linearity from 0Hz upwards, seamlessly joining with the phase of the main Exakt speakers

 • Providing a dedicated Space Optimisation+ configuration, allowing location to be specified, distinct from the main speakers - optimising time-of-flight and room modes specific to the sub

 • Allowing the addition of bass with no compromise on performance with an easy set-up - simply enter the location and adjust the subwoofer’s gain to blend in with the main Exakt speakers

Flexible location, flexible use

With a small discreet form, the Exaktbox Sub can be placed wherever it suits and even hidden out of sight if desired. It houses two channels of Akurate Exakt crossover and digital-to-analogue conversion, and there are RCA and XLR outputs on the rear which enable flexible configuration options, from separate left and right channels (using two subwoofers) to a mono or stereo connection for a single subwoofer.

It can be used to target any subwoofer by simply adjusting the subwoofer gain to blend into the speakers, making this a most flexible addition to an Exakt System. A Linn subwoofer can be selected in Konfig and those from other manufacturers can be entered using point source in Space Optimisation. 

13,500 SEK



Linn 6-way Akurate Exaktbox Black Front Top.jpg
Introducing the new Akurate Exaktbox with six channels of digital-to-analogue conversion, perfect for targeting loudspeakers up to 3-way.
Offering the ultimate in flexibility for customers with 2- or 3-way speakers, this 6-channel Akurate Exaktbox will unlock even more sales by delivering the power of Exakt at a more affordable price.

Linn 6-way Akurate Exaktbox Rear Black.jpg
Fitted with Exakt Link connections for the Akurate DS or Akurate DSM, it also has both balanced XLR and single-ended RCA analogue outputs for connection to any type of power amplifier.

It delivers all the benefits of Exakt and Space Optimisation+ to the system; eliminating magnitude and phase distortion, correcting for drive unit manufacturing variances and optimising performance for the speakers, their placement and the room’s unique characteristics.

This new Exaktbox delivers a compelling and affordable option for owners of 2- and 3-way speakers planning on making the move to Exakt.

Customers can use a 6-way Akurate Exaktbox to target a pair of speakers in stereo mode or they could purchase a second Akurate Exaktbox to benefit from the increased processing power of two Exaktboxes in dual mono mode.

37,900 SEK

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fredag 11 september 2015

Launch of LINN Majik Exaktbox-I

Consisting of an 8-channel Exaktbox with integrated amplification, it is the perfect product to:

 • Add to a one-box solution to an existing Majik DS, Majik DS-I or Majik DSM owner who wishes to elevate their system to the ground-breaking performance of Exakt

 • Buy a two-box high end Majik Exakt system for new customers wishing to go straight to Aktiv 

What’s in the box?

The Majik Exaktbox-I delivers all the benefits of an Exaktbox at a more accessible price point:

 • Exakt digital crossover and separate DAC channel for every loudspeaker drive unit to eliminate magnitude and phase distortion

 • Space Optimisation+ which optimises performance for the customer’s room characteristics and chosen speaker placement, and also models each drive unit in its enclosure to deliver outstanding accuracy 

Majik Exaktbox-I Silver Rear.jpg
8 Channels of Chakra power

Not only does it perform Exaktbox functions but it also houses eight channels of 100W integrated Chakra amplification. With these amplification channels, the Majik Exaktbox-I can be used to upgrade any speaker up to 4-way which includes every Majik loudspeaker Linn has ever made - Majik Isobariks, Majik 140s and Majik 109s, as well as many historic Linn speakers.

It has Exakt Links for connection to the Majik DS or DSM and eight sets of binding posts for connection to the chosen loudspeakers. It also has eight RCA outputs which enable a customer to use external amps if they want to upgrade to the power of an Akurate or Klimax amp in the future.

Compelling upgrade offers for Majik owners

We want to give all owners of a Majik DS, Majik DS-I or Majik DSM the opportunity to upgrade their system to Exakt so we’ve created a suite of compelling upgrade offers to help you target them with the Majik Exaktbox-I.

Owners of the products listed below can choose one of the following upgrades when purchasing a Majik Exaktbox-I*:

 • The addition of Exakt Links to Majik DSM (Majik DSM/1)

 • The addition of Exakt Links and HDMI connections to Majik DS-I and Majik DSM

 • The addition of Exakt Links to bring a Majik DS up to current spec

These upgrades have been priced to give your customers excellent value for money and to unlock more sales opportunities for you. 

*Offers are also available with the purchase of any Exakt product. Terms & conditions apply.

LINN Majik Exaktbox-I  :- 42,800 SEK

Majik DS Upgrade*  
Main board for Majik DS pre-Mar '15 :- 6,900 SEK
Majik DSM Upgrade*
Main board for Majik DSM pre-Mar '15 :- 9,500 SEK
Majik DSM or DS-I Upgrade*
Main board for Majik DSM or DS-I pre-Apr '12  :- 19,000 SEK